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l cooperate with Gucci, in new product development of a completely independent of the intelligent hand phone ring.This product will be able to make a phone call, email, view the map, listen to music, record for health, even will add some more high-end personal assistance function, but the product has to be named. Whether Gucii or will. I.a m did not reveal any details of their cooperation, but the industry speculation are a result of this cooperation, might be to Puls bracelet changed out agaCheap Gucci Backpacks for Menin.For those who struggle in the will. I.a m people in the design, it may not be a good news.But in the months of unpleasant feedback, Puls can eventually on a correct road. Gucci, the CEO of Marco Bizzarri in union will. I.a m announced the news, hands are wearing this prototype, but it looks like still need final confirmation.For now, they just made a promise that says this is a "fashion and technology feels dye-in-the-wood" products, and this wearable device is unique in the market. With An
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