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consumption or fan economic cooperation, no matter how bad the Puls do or how good the Gucci brand of Puls, willing to spend money on or figure it's reputation, in order to "fans" identity.Is, of course, by Will. I.a m so of spirit, cross-border challenges difficult fashion mix of science and technology products, or to point a praise for him.By will. I.a m production first wearable devices, Puls intelligent bracelet is not very desirable, but it doesn't stop the Gucci cooperation with them.Will.Cheap Gucci Handbags will cooperate with Gucci, in new product development of a completely independent of the intelligent hand phone ring.This product will be able to make a phone call, email, view the map, listen to music, record for health, even will add some more high-end personal assistance function, but the product has to be named. Whether Gucii or will. I.a m did not reveal any details of their cooperation, but the industry speculation are a result of this cooperation, might be to Puls bracelet changed
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